• About MusiShuZ

    Unique musical instrument built into the shoe soles lets you play sheet music with your feet.


    MusiShuZ by Brainventions, Inc. is a one-of-a-kind MIDI controller - musical instrument for playing sheet music while walking, dancing and even while sitting. It consists of a pair of light sensor devices mounted under the shoe soles. The sensors are paired by Bluetooth to an Android or iOS (upcoming) smart phone or tablet. A MusiShuZ app is available for download at the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. The MusiShuZ shoes can be purchased directly at this website.

    How to Use

    Put on the MusiShuZ shoes (a.k.a. musies). Download the MusiShuZ app and start it on your smart phone or tablet. Android OS version 9 or higher is required. Turn on the power of the Bluetooth light sensors (mice) on your MusiShuZ and go to the setting on your phone to pair the devices with your phone. Start the app and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the settings. Start walking or dancing and listen to the notes generated by your feet. Experiment and enjoy.


    You can select any of the built-in MIDI instruments (piano, cello, piccolo, violin and many more). There are two modes of operation: Beginner (play only the 8 white keys on an octave) and Advanced (plays all 12 black and white keys in an octave). These modes can be set in the settings menu. You can switch to any of the 7 octave in a full size 88 keys keyboard by clicking the heels of the left or right shoe to the other shoe inseam.

    Principles of Operation

    Imagine that your feet are your hands. Play the MusiShuZ by sliding each shoe as if it is a computer mouse. Slide it to one of the four corners of an imaginary computer or phone screen. When you press on the heel of a foot a note is going to play. The notes playable by the left foot in the Beginner's mode are Do, Mi, Sol, Ti and the notes playable by the right foot are Re, Fa, La, Do(upper). The mapping of notes to screen corners (quadrants) is described in the on-screen instructions of the MusiShuZ app. The duration of each note is controlled by the amount of time you are pressing on each shoe heel. In more advanced settings you can also control the loudness (sound volume) of each note by the distance you slide your feet in each quadrant before you click on the foot heel. Dozens of practice melodies from a varieties of language regions are transcribed using an app-specific musical notation and built-into the MusiShuZ app.


    That's it. Enjoy!!

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  • MusiShuZ Performances

    Video clips contributed by MusiShuZ users

    Playing the C-Major scale with MusiShuZ

    MusiShuZ LED spiders

    Demo of the basic functionality of the MusiShuZ Android App. The LED strands attached to the shoes are driven by the MusiShuZ via Bluetooth.

    Playing "El Condor Pasa" with MusiShuZ

    MusiShuZ LED spiders

    Instrument: Piccolo

    Composer: Daniel Alomia Robles

    Lyrics: Simon & Garfinkel

    Year: 1913

    Time: 4/4

    Measures: 22

    Playing "Do-Re-Mi" from "The Sound of Music"

    MusiShuZ LED spiders

    Instrument: Solfege

    Composer: Richard Rogers

    Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II

    Year: 1959

    Time: 4/4

    Measures: 16

    Playing 3 Popular English Songs

    MusiShuZ LED spiders

    "This Land is Your Land", "Happy Birthday" and "Ode to Joy"

  • Return Policy

    This limited series of MusiShuZ are hand crafted with care and passion. They are unique devices built from Chinese parts and assembled in the USA. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your MusiShuZ you can return them at any time. You will get a full refund for the product minus the shipping costs. Return shipment costs are paid by the customer.

  • Support

    Please contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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  • Privacy Policy

    At Brainventions, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right.

    Your personal data belongs to you, not others.

    Whether you’re playing your MusiShuZ, recording the music you play, or sharing it with your friends, you can do it knowing that Brainventions doesn’t gather your personal information to sell to advertisers or other organizations.

    Your features improve while your data stays private.

    When we use data to create better experiences for you, we work hard to do it in a way that doesn’t compromise your privacy.

    Whether you store it or send it, your data is protected.

    The MusiShuZ app provides a feature to save your performances as MIDI files. The data is stored on your Android phone. Only you have access to your data. You can of course decide to share it with us to be used as foundation for further app development and improvements.

    Your apps play by your rules.

    MusiShuZ requires access to the video camera on your Android phone so that you can video record yourself while you are playing. It superimposes the video to the main screen. MusiShuZ also uses Bluetooth to communicate with the optical sensors (mice) attached to the shoe soles. When the app launches for the first time you are prompted to provide access to these peripherals. These settings are stored automatically but you can change them at any time.

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    The MusiShuZ app does not show any ads.

  • Download the MusiShuZ app

    Android 9.0 or higher only. Not available for iOS

  • Melodies

    Download additional sheet music in MusiShuZ transcription

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    El Condor Pasa

    In European (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti) Solfege music notation.

    Notes are color coded. Note durations are indicated with "_". Changing octaves up or down form the present octave are indicated with UP and DOWN arrows. Transcriptions using different music notations such as: American (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) or Asian (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) can be switched in the Settings window of the MusiShuZ app itself.